Wax or Razor

Nowadays, there are many different hair removal methods for women. Wax strips and roll-on waxes are methods to remove hair completely. The biggest advantage of these methods is that the hair does not come out for a long time. So it provides smoothness for a long time.

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Most Effective Hair Removal Methods

For centuries, women have been trying to get rid of their hair. Although, there are a lot of different methods, the purpose is the same; feeling smooth and clean skin. Let’s check these methods together!

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Why Remove Care?

Keep More Room For Nature

The renewed Remove Care now cares about both your skin and nature.

  • The retail boxes of the product is made of 80% recycled paper material.
  • Wax cleaning wipes are produced from 100% vegetable fibers and the oils in the wipes are selected from 100% natural herbal oils.
  • The outer packaging of wax cleaning wipes is selected from 100% recyclable plastics.
  • The protective plastic materials in the wax strips were chosen from recyclable plastics.
  • The wax and cohesive ingredients on the tapes are produced using natural pine resin.
  • Remove Care Sir Wax Strip doesn’t contain protective paraben, sugar and mineral oils that can harm your skin.

While giving importance to innovations and the future of our world with sensitivity, we develop products with more natural ingredients and offers them to you. With the importance we attach to recycling, we adopt a production model that is conscious of protecting the environment and nature.